Space Race (working title)

Nosebleed Interactive


"Space Race is a loot grind RPG where you race beautiful (Simon Stalenhag inspired) retro-futuristic vehicles, wreck opponents and upgrade really cool sci-fi abilities rather than crawling dungeons. It's a CARPG. In short it's a 3D racing game that takes its inspiration from some unlikely sources.

We use a deceptively simple, but highly addictive game-to-upgrade loop to keep players coming back for more, unlocking new abilities, features and content every few races, so there's always something just out of reach. ""I'll Just play for 5 more minutes""... 3 hours pass.

Racing itself takes inspiration from games like Mario Kart, Burnout Takedown, Micro Machines and Mashed, but with a much more flexible and customisable weapon/ability system that's akin to classic JRPGs Vagrant Story or Dark Cloud.

Aside from the racing and upgrade systems there's a whole host of content for the player to unlock such as retro inspired minigames, realtime idle mechanics and couch multiplayer/party modes all to a thumping synthwave soundtrack."