A Monster's Expedition (Through Human Exhibitions)

Sapling Collective


A Monster Expedition (with human intermissions) is a brand new adventure tour for monsters who love to learn about humans! Learn the ancient art of pushing trees over (pre-weakened by our experts for your convenience) and fashion your own pathways with our easy-build bridges! Then immerse yourself in human culture with all-new exhibits from our "Human England" dig site, each accompanied with expert insights*!

Or, for humans who love to learn about monsters, it's an open world puzzle game. The more you travel, the richer the world becomes, and each place you find teaches you more about how monsters see our world. The mechanics never change but your understanding will, letting you step off the beaten track and strike out into secret spaces you didn't even notice before. You'll leave with a new perspective on the familiar… and the yet-to-be-familiar!

*insights is not a legally binding term and may or may not include idle speculation, rumour and hearsay.